Hand And Wrist Pain

Our hands are arguably one of the most used body parts that aid in basic to complex daily activities. It’s common to experience hand and wrist pain, especially with age, that can be characterized by stiffness, numbness, inflammation or a tingling sensation. Most often, these symptoms may wear off with rest. In some cases, however, these indicators could point towards a lingering problem which demands more than just a little rest. In this article, we discuss five common causes of hand and wrist pain, their origins, and possible treatment options.

1. Fractures

There are more than 25 bones in the wrist and hand a fracture in just one bone can cause pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of movement. If you suspect you may have a fracture in your hand or wrist consult an orthopedic physician to determine the best treatment options for hand and wrist pain. Treatments could include casting, splinting or surgery.

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2. Dupuytren’s Disease

This condition affects the tissue under the skin in the fingers and palm. Over time, the fasica on thickens and pulls the fingers toward the palm. This condition typically progresses slowly over several years. There are surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to treat this hand condition.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common disorder that affects the hand. It can cause pain is the wrist, forearm and hand. At night, the pain is typically worse and may cause weakness, tingling and numbness. Treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome include rest, splinting, medication, physical therapy or surgery to release the nerve.

4. Arthritis

This condition is characterized by a decrease in the cartilage of the hand and wrist. It usually causes hand and wrist pain and swelling in the hand. Treatment may involve medication, splinting, heat, physical therapy and as a last resort, surgery.

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5. Ganglion Cyst

This condition usually plagues the wrists or hands and is characterized by the development of a non-cancerous lump around the region. While in some cases a ganglion cyst does not cause any pain in wrist and hand, it may prove to be painful if it pressed against a nerve or a bone. The cause of a ganglion cyst is unknown. If it does not cause any interference in movement or doesn’t press against a nerve, medical experts advise to leave it alone as it tends to subside naturally. If it causes trouble, it can be removed or drained out.

If you are experiencing pain in your wrist or hand and are looking to consult with a hand specialist, call us to connect with a wrist and hand specialist near you. To schedule an appointment, click here or simply call (888) 608-476.

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