Although it is true that the number of health conscious people is on the rise, many people still take their health for granted. This, in turn, can lead to various health-related problems, such as back pain, especially for those who work long hours in an office set up. Bad posture and sedentary lifestyle are among the most common causes of back pain, which is why it is important for people to understand how to protect their backs while performing their daily activities.  The physicians who participate in the Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center treat a variety of orthopedic issues including back pain.  This post discusses some effective ways to avoid back pain.

Effective back pain prevention tips –

Strengthen Your Back Muscles

Core strength is extremely important to help minimize lower back pain. Your lower back and abdominal muscles should be toned enough to support your spine. Many people need to do exercises that target abdominal, chest, and back muscles. These exercises could include abdominal crunches, bridges, and single-leg abdominal press side planks and modified planks, being integrated into your workout regimen.

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Wear Comfortable Shoes

The type of shoe you wear plays an important role in supporting your lower back. A good pair of shoes provide a supportive base that helps your body and spine remain in proper alignment. Invest in a pair of shoes that offer a snug fit. The toe box should also provide adequate room for the toes to move freely. You can also utilize shoe inserts for better support and balance.

Try Massage Therapy

Massage has numerous therapeutic benefits that can help reduce back pain. A good massage not only improves your blood circulation, but also increases endorphin levels in the blood – the body’s natural painkiller. However, massage is not always a good option for patients with an inflamed muscle problem, such patients should first consult an experienced orthopedic specialist and receive treatment for the inflammation.

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Think Ergonomics

Lumbar discs in the lower back are stressed three times more when sitting than standing, therefore, over time, sitting for extended periods of time can lead to back pain problems. Using ergonomic chairs and desks can help you maintain the right posture and help prevent back pain by supporting the natural curves of your back. It is also advisable to take frequent breaks to stretch and walk around after every 30-40 minutes. If possible, try working at standing desks for at least a couple of hours each day.

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Wrap Up

Staying active is an important aspect to overall spine health. Even if you are already facing a spine problem, following these simple tips can help you achieve some level of comfort and pain relief, until your spine doctor can diagnose and treat the cause of your back pain. If you are looking for a spine and orthopedic center in Plano or nearby areas, Texas Health Spine can help. We help you connect with experienced orthopedic physicians in Texas without you having to run from pillar to post. To book an appointment with a participating physician, simply call 1-888-608-4762 or fill out our appointment form and we will take it from there.

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