Shoulder And Elbow Pain

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa, which is a fluid-filled sac formed under the skin, generally over the joints that can cause shoulder and elbow pain, accompanied by tenderness and swelling. Though you can always depend on a trusted physician referral center such as Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center to get in touch with a specialist for shoulder and elbow bursitis, it helps to be aware about its common treatment options, which we will discuss in this blog post. Read on.

Treating Shoulder and Elbow Bursitis

If you have recently started to experience shoulder or elbow pain and you think it may be bursitis, there are some things you can do at home to help minimize the inflamation. Typically shoulder and elbow pain subsides in a few weeks while the swelling may take a little longer to go down.

Treating Bursitis at Home

There are several things you can do to minimize inflammation caused by bursitis. First, rest your affected joint as much as possible until the symptoms improve. Avoid doing strenuous activities and don’t stretch your shoulder above your comfort level. Secondly, wearing an elbow pad or shoulder splint may further protect the joint from any injury. These padded supports cushion your affected joint, thereby accelerating the healing process.

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Third, try ice packs as they can help in swelling and pain reduction. Wrap an ice pack in a cloth or towel and apply it on the affected area for 10-20 minutes every 3-4 hours. Use of over the counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs can help with pain and swelling as well.

If your symptoms do not improve , you may benefit from consulting with an orthopedic specialist to treat the problem. The doctor will perform an evaluation to determine the severity of your bursitis and formulate a treatment plan for you.

Treatment Options for Severe Bursitis


Aspiration is the process of draining out the fluid from the bursa sac. Although the affected area remains sore for a few days, the procedure helps in relieving the pain and enhances the movement of your joints.


Your doctor can use corticosteroid injections directly into the affected area to ease the inflammation.

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If none of the above treatments work, surgery of your elbow or shoulder might be recommended as a last resort.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for epicondylitis treatment in Plano, or need expert medical advice on your shoulder bursitis, contact Texas Health Spine & Orthopedic Center to connect with a participating orthopedic specialist near you. Call us at 888-608-4762 or book an appointment online.

NOTE: Physicians who are members of the referral program practice independently and are not employees or agents of Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center.


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