Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Ever since total knee replacement surgery was first performed in the USA in 1968, it has brought relief to millions of people from around the world. Knee replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that provides long-term relief from pain, can be used to correct deformities, and helps people lead regular and independent lives. The orthopedic surgeons participating in the referral line of Texas Health Spine & Orthopedic Center specialize in treating all kinds of orthopedic conditions including knee problems. Whether you are exploring treatment options or planning to undergo total knee replacement surgery, this blog post is for you. Read to gain a better understanding of the procedure.

What is Total Knee Replacement?

A knee replacement, also called “Knee Arthroplasty”, is an orthopedic surgery that involves removing damaged knee cartilage and bones, and replacing them with artificial ones. The prosthesis may be either cemented or just press-fit into the underlying bone. Knee replacement is also termed “knee resurfacing” as only the surface of the diseased bone is actually replaced.

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Conditions Requiring Knee Replacement

A surgeon may recommend knee replacement surgery for more than one reasons:

  • Severe knee pain and stiffness that limit normal activities such as walking
  • Moderate to severe knee pain at rest
  • Knee inflammation that does not subside with medications
  • Knee deformity
  • No improvement in condition with non-surgical treatments

Candidates for Knee Replacement Surgery

The eligibility for total knee replacement surgery has no age- or weight-based restrictions. Surgeons perform the surgery on patients of all ages, from teens with juvenile arthritis to elderly patients with degenerative arthritis. The recommendation for surgery is usually based on the extent of pain and its impact on the person’s life. Orthopaedic surgeons evaluate each patient on a case-by-case basis. It is, however, worth mentioning that a majority of patients who undergo this surgery are between 50 and 80 years.

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What to Expect?

The primary goal of a total knee replacement is reduce/eliminate knee pain and improve knee motion. Most patients can expect to be able to fully straighten and bend the replaced knee almost like an original knee after knee replacement recovery. Climbing stairs and getting out of car should not be a problem either. Patients may find it uncomfortable to kneel. Most people hear clicking of the metal implant while walking or bending the knee, which is normal. A replaced metal knee may activate metal detectors at security checkpoints. Just inform the security agent about your knee replacement in such situations.

Wrap Up

More than 90 percent of people with total knee replacement surgery in Plano and other places are able to function normally even after 15 years of the procedure. It is however important to follow the surgeon’s instructions and take care of your replaced knee. If you are still looking for an experienced surgeon, leave that to the Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center. The navigators can help connect you with orthopedic surgeons specializing in knee replacement procedures. If you or a loved one is looking for a knee replacement surgeon in Plano, simply call 888 608 4762 or fill out our contact form and we will connect you with a specialist near you.

NOTE: Physicians who are members of the referral program practice independently and are not employees or agents of Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic.



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