Knee Replacement Surgery

The best way to recover from knee replacement surgery is to be an active participant. You will bounce back quicker as long as you make an effort to heal.

It seems like the minute you feel better you can resume normal activity. Be aware, that isn’t the case. It is crucial to take things slow and easy while on the road to recovery. Having knee surgery is not something to take lightly.

The physicians participating in the Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center perform various types of orthopedic surgeries including knee replacement surgery. If you want to get back to normal after knee replacement surgery be sure to follow these guidelines.

Welcome home after knee surgery

When you come home from the hospital, accomplish simple goals like getting in and out of bed by yourself. To help put the least amount of pressure on your knee use a cane, a walker, or crutches. Roughly six weeks after your knee surgery you should be able to get around without these assistive devices.

Prevent falls in your home by rearranging furniture and installing bathroom bars. To help manage the pain, your doctor will prescribe medication. Due to the side effects of pain medication, it is unsafe to drive. Have a family member or neighbor assist you during this time to help with errands and keeping you safe in your home.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy will help manage the pain by slowly adding activity to your knee. Be patient and know your limits. It is best that you keep moving but don’t try to do too much all at once.

Your physical therapist will give you exercises to do. You should expect exercises like partial knee bends, hip abductions, and riding a stationary bike. Your physical therapist will encourage you to take walks. Increase the time spent walking little by little until you are feeling like yourself once again.

Back to normal

Now to the part you’ve been waiting for! Once you are cleared by your doctor and depending on your occupation, you should be able to return back to work. Also, as soon as you are no longer taking pain medication, it is safe for you to drive again (just make sure to check with your doctor first).

For at least two months after knee surgery, you will still want to do the recommended exercises. Talk to your doctor about when it is safe for you to go back to activities like playing sports or jogging. You may want to alter your usual exercises. Perhaps enjoy swimming instead of jogging for a bit longer as you recover.

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful procedures in medicine. Having your knee replaced is a lot to go through and you don’t need any setbacks. Take the healing process seriously.

If you would like to know more about knee replacement surgery contact the Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center. We are here to help you on your road to recovery.


Disclaimer: Physicians who are members of the referral program practice independently and are not employees or agents of THSOC.