Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Rotator cuff tears are a leading causes of shoulder pain that may restrict the range of motion. As with any other injury or medical condition, it is vital to gain a better understanding of rotator cuff injuries to better manage them. Whether you are in Plano or any other part of the world, if you are experiencing shoulder pain that radiates to the elbow, are having difficulty sleeping or lifting objects overhead, consult a doctor to discuss possible treatment options which may include shoulder replacement surgery. The physicians participating in the Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center referral line in Plano specialize in treating various types of orthopedic conditions including shoulder injuries.

What is a Rotator Cuff Injury?

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that surround the shoulder. It provides stability to the most mobile joint in the human body. Rotator cuff tears, which can be partial or full thickness, occur when the tendons either have a tear or completely disengages from the bone. The tendons act as a muscle connector to the bones, which is why a tear has far reaching consequences.

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Common Causes

Rotator cuff tears are among the most common type of shoulder injury that is attended to by orthopedic shoulder doctors. They also represent the most common tendon injury in men. Rotator cuffs may tear due to repeated activity spread over a long time or an injury. Age is also a contributing factor as tendons start to degenerate, which is why full thickness tears are common among people above the age of 65.

Treatment Options

Available treatment options for rotator cuff injuries include non-surgical or conservative treatment, partial repair and/or debridement, open or arthroscopic repair, reconstruction, and arthroplasty. There are a number of factors that influence treatment outcomes including response to non-surgical treatments, age, and health.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical treatment options have their fair share of pros and cons which are listed below.


  • Helps you avoid surgical approaches such as shoulder replacement surgery
  • Saves you from complications associated with surgery


  • Failure to heal
  • Recurring symptoms
  • Fatty infiltration
  • Tear extension
  • Tendon retraction
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle atrophy

Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatments of rotator cuff injuries such as shoulder replacement surgery in Plano present the following benefits and risks.


  • Cost-effective
  • Predictable success
  • Relief of pain
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Lowers societal burden of the condition
  • Excellent postoperative outcomes


  • Unpredictable loss of strength
  • Eyelet rapture
  • Foreign body reaction

Need More Info? Consult an Expert, Today!

If you are experiencing shoulder pain as a result of a rotator cuff injury, it is important to discuss the treatment options with your doctor to discover what treatment is best for you. Options such as shoulder replacement in Plano are available from experienced surgeons who have successfully specialized in treating shoulder injuries. Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center can help connect you to participating orthopedic surgeons specialized in surgical treatments options such as Reverse Shoulder Replacement Plano. Call us today to discuss your injury and to set an appointment with one of the participating surgeons at 888 608 4762. You can also fill out our Set an Appointment form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions about shoulder surgery in Plano.

NOTE: Physicians who are members of the referral program practice independently and are not employees or agents of THSOC.


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