JUN. 10, 2019

Double Knee Replacement Patient Gary Keylon in Plano, TX Gets Back to Grandkids and Hunting

Gary Keylon tells us his story of his pain in the knee prior to surgery and how knee replacement with Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Kwame Enin, has changed his life. He underwent knee replacement surgery on both knees. Gary has been able to get back to playing with his grandchildren, hunting and even motorcycling.
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JUL. 7, 2017

Jane’s Spine and Orthopedic Injuries Haven’t Stopped Her from Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

I’m an active 66-year-old grandmother, who grew up in Michigan, and lived all over the world – in Indonesia, London and Australia, eventually ending up in Dallas. When we lived in Indonesia, I picked up tennis, and now I play nearly every day (and when I rarely miss a day on the court, I’ll be
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AUG. 9, 2016

Spine Surgery Patient, Donnie Wood, in Plano, TX Gets Back on the Golf Course

Donnie Wood, a business owner and golfer, suffered from debilitating back pain. After years of conservative treatment including exercise programs, medication management and injections, Donnie finally decided to undergo spine surgery to help relieve his pain. Donnie and his surgeon, Dr. Jack Zigler, discussed the options and decided artificial disc replacement surgery would the best
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SEP. 9, 2015

SI Joint Replacement Surgery Patient, Cara Strickland, Tells Her Story, Plano, TX

I’m Cara Strickland. I’m a mother. I’m a coach. I have two horses. I love horses. I was riding at 5 years so, you know, it’s something very important to me. They’re very peaceful. I like looking out the window every morning and seeing them out there. My back pain originated when I had my
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JUN. 3, 2015

Back Pain Relief at Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center

The doctors at Texas Health Spine and Orthopedic Center have helped many patients with back and leg pain get back to life. “I planted my foot and I went to cut and heard a few popping noises and I never turned in I went down,” Devin said. “I’ve been having treatments but it wasn’t working.
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