Donnie Wood, a business owner and golfer, suffered from debilitating back pain. After years of conservative treatment including exercise programs, medication management and injections, Donnie finally decided to undergo spine surgery to help relieve his pain.

Donnie and his surgeon, Dr. Jack Zigler, discussed the options and decided artificial disc replacement surgery would the best option for him. This motion preserving surgery is a great option for patients whom enjoy an active lifestyle.

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I did have to stop playing golf for four or five years. I didn’t play like at all. Didn’t pick up a club, couldn’t swing, couldn’t go out and chip and putt, practice or do anything. So it was time to have something done.

I just had lower back problems started in the late 90s and at that time I started getting the cortisone injections into the lower back to try to ease the pain. It worked for three or four years then went away and I went back in and had some more injections – didn’t work.

Had one consultation with Dr. Zigler and he looked at the MRI’s and the X-rays offered me the artificial disc option and I said let’s do it! I’m ready to get outta pain. I’m ready to get my life back. I said I have to be ready to play golf as soon as possible and practice and prepare for the senior tour school.

So got up that afternoon walked around, went home the next day. In three weeks I was working out, doing my rehab, going to the gym working out myself in six weeks I was playing golf. I’ve never felt better you know 58 years old and I’m playing better golf than I’ve ever played at 58. Playing better, scoring better, flexibility is there! I am back I feel like I’m one hundred percent back.

I can run my roofing business. I can crawl around on rooftops and do fine. I can go up and down ladders don’t have a problem with that! I’m back to playing the sport that I live. It’s my passion!

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